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Water Quiz

Name of GameWater Quiz
Age Range5-12
Number of Players3-15
Playing Environmentsanywhere a water hose can be used
Shared Equipmentgarden hose with water pressure and spray nozzle
Individual Equipmentbathing suits or clothes that can get wet
SummaryThe leader stands in the middle of a circle. One kid stands on the edge of the circle, within range of the water spray from the hose. The rest of the kids stand out of range of the water.

The leader asks a question that the kid has a reasonable chance of being able to answer. The leader might ask an 8-year-old, for example, "Which is the largest planet in our solar system?" While the kid is thinking of an answer, the leader turns on the hose spray nozzle and begins rotating the stream of water around the circle toward the kid, taking around ten seconds to reach him. If the kid answers correctly the approaching water stops. If not, he gets sprayed as it passes. Then, it's the next kid's turn.

This is basically just a fun way to think and get wet.
RulesThe kid may propose as many answers as time allows.
CommentsKeep the spray strong enough to get someone wet enough to cool off a little on a hot day, but not soaked. Subtly adjust the difficulty of the questions so that no one always or never gets sprayed. The idea is to build tension and excitement as time runs out and the water approaches, so that it's fun either to escape with a correct answer or to get sprayed. Try to play in an area where the plants will be happy to have the water.