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Best Games for Camps, Schools, Clubs, and Youth Groups

Very Best Games is a highly selective collection of athletic and thinking games, those that best reward every player with great fun and real physical and/or intellectual benefit. These games are enjoyed at camps, schools, retreats, neighborhood playgrounds, and anywhere else people gather to play. All of them will appeal to kids, and most will be equally fun for those adults lucky enough not to have finished growing up.

One of the keys to making a game fun is well-distributed participation. All of the games at Very Best Games keep every player actively engaged; no one gets stuck in right field.

The best games are also safe. Play should enhance your health, not endanger it. No athletic games are absolutely safe, but ours are much safer than most. Our two hockey games are great examples; they have all of the nonstop action of ice hockey, but no hard sticks, pucks, or blades.

Part of what makes play fun is creativity. We chose thinking games that give players the best opportunities to experiment with new approaches to mental tasks as diverse as mathematics and verbal disguise.

We hope you'll get out and try some of these games. If any of them don't sound like much fun, we haven't done them justice.