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Three Penny

Name of GameThree Penny a.k.a. Penny Soccer or Penny Billiards
Age Range4-adult
Number of Players1-6
Playing Environmentssitting at table
Shared Equipmentthree pennies
Individual Equipmenta pen with a flat non-writing end
SummaryThree Penny can be played on any smooth table or desk.

Set up a goal 6" wide at the middle of one end of the table. The goal does not need any height, only sides.

Each player will take a complete turn, followed by each of the other players.

The player drops three pennies out of one hand from a height of 3", causing them to scatter slightly at the end of the table opposite the goal. She must use the flat end of her pen to knock any one penny through the space between the other two repeatedly until she has a shot on goal. The number of moves is not limited, but each must be slightly forward, toward the goal end of the table.

A shot on goal must also pass between the other two pennies.

In the unlikely event that a missed shot still allows for further moves, the player may continue.
RulesThe player earns one point if she succeeds at working down the table and shooting into goal.

Each player takes turns attempting the progression.

The initial penny drop must keep the pennies within the first foot of the table.

Pennies must be hit, not guided.
CommentsThis game is usually played in a highly cooperative spirit, with spectators encouraging the success of the active player.