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Super Soccer

Name of GameSuper Soccer
Age Range6-adult
Number of Players16-80
Playing Environmentsgrass field
Shared Equipment12-24 soccer balls, two goals
Individual Equipmentnone
SummarySuper Soccer is played with the same basic rules as soccer, but with at least 12 balls in play at once and usually a lot more players than in regular soccer. Each team can also have two goalies working together. Play is continuous, with lots of goals being scored.
RulesAll soccer rules apply, except as noted above. With so many balls in play, players tend to be more relaxed and less aggressive, which reduces fouls and penalties.

The game's timing, with end switches at the halves, etc., is the same as soccer, but play is not interrupted each time a goal is scored.
CommentsDespite the number of balls in play, this game seems to be pretty safe. The goalies are, as in regular soccer, at most risk, but if you have two players per team with true goalie personalities, they'll enjoy trying to stop a constant stream of shots.

You'll need a pretty alert scorekeeper at each end to count up the frequent goals.

As a special event, this game generates a lot of excitement. It's probably not a game to play every day.