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Name of GameQuestions
Age Range8-adult
Number of Players2
Playing Environmentsanywhere
Shared Equipmentnone
Individual Equipmentnone
SummaryOne player asks the other a question, and the other must answer with a question. Play continues until one player fails to answer with a question or repeats a question that either player has already used. This sounds ridiculously simple, but it proves quite interesting.
RulesA question must take form right from the first word on. One cannot make a statement, then tack on a question at the end:

Legal: "Are mice cute?"

Illegal: "Mice are cute, aren't they?"

The game is more fun if responses come quickly, and some players may need a set time limit to encourage this.
CommentsHand it to Socrates--questions make for interesting conversation. This game often seems to drift into dialogues full of logical maneuvering and philosophical probing. One of the best ways to make your opponent forget to answer with a question is to ask something so interesting, she forgets about the game before answering.