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Number Boggle

Name of GameNumber Boggle a.k.a. Cubo
Age Range7-adult
Number of Players2-99
Playing Environmentssitting, no table needed
Shared Equipmentnone
Individual Equipmentpencil or pen, paper
SummaryThe leader gives the other players a set of numbers and one target number that can be produced from the given numbers using each number exactly once in combination with the following operations: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, exponentiation, roots (square root, cube root, etc.), and grouping (with parentheses). The leader must have found at least one solution before presenting the challenge.

Example set of numbers: {5, -2, -6, 8, 3}
Target number: 4

Try for a solution on your own or see the Comments below for an answer.

The leadership can rotate or stay with one person.
RulesThe players get a set amount of time (usually one or two minutes) to find a solution, which is worth one point.

A root can only be used if the corresponding numbers are present. For example, a 3 can be used to construct a cube root, and a 2 would be needed for a square root.
CommentsThis game could be played with an unlimited number of players.

Sharing alternate solutions is part of the fun.

Solution for above: 5 x -6 = -30 / -2 = 15 - (8+3) = 4