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Grass Hockey

Name of GameGrass Hockey a.k.a. Polo Hockey, Pillo Polo, or Spongee Polo
Age Range5-adult
Number of Players6-14
Playing Environmentsgrass field, indoor gym
Shared Equipmentone lightweight rubber ball around 8" diameter
Individual Equipmentone stick
SummaryPlayers use lightweight, soft-ended, flexible sticks to whack the ball around the field and try to score a goal. Grass Hockey has the running and intensity of soccer, with the sticks taking the abuse instead of the players' legs. It's basically soccer with a stick.
RulesUse soccer rules throughout, except for the following:
  • Nothing but the stick can touch the ball, and if the ball is kicked, the other team gets an indirect hit from the location of the foul.
  • If a ball goes over a sideline, it is hit in, not thrown.
  • The goalie cannot grab or kick the ball, only hit it.
CommentsThis is arguably the perfect game:
  • great exercise
  • develops skills that translate well to soccer, ice hockey, and field hockey
  • rewards both finesse and power
  • exceptionally safe
  • intrinsically funny
  • small children can play with adults safely and effectively

Players should be reminded to keep their sticks below the waist. A full force whack in the face is usually just briefly painful and not injurious, but unpleasant enough to be worth some watchfulness.