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British Bulldog

Name of GameBritish Bulldog
Age Range5-adult
Number of Players4-100
Playing Environmentsgrass field, gym
Shared Equipmentone marker for each corner of the field
Individual Equipmentnone
SummaryAll players but one line up along one side of a field at least 50 feet long and wide enough to give each a few feet on either side.

The Bulldog stands in the exact center of the field. When the Bulldog calls "British Bulldog," everyone must try to run to the other end of the field without getting tagged. Anyone who does get tagged joins the Bulldog for the next run.

The last person caught wins the game and becomes the new Bulldog.
RulesAll of the Bulldogs must be halfway between the end lines when "British Bulldog" is called, but they may run toward the end lines once the chase begins.

If a player being chased runs back across the end line from which she started or outside the sidelines, she is considered tagged.
CommentsMake sure that the first Bulldog of the day is one of the quicker players.

Challenge Bulldogs to catch the quicker players as much as possible. This might help a slower player make it through a couple of times.